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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The NEW MilblogHQ App

MilBlogHQ is a one stop shopping for military blogs, Milblog Tweets, posts and information. MilBlogHQ allows you to come to one place and get the latest information from all of your favorite blogs while on the move.

MilBlogHQ offers the following sections:
MilBlog Posts
MilBlog Facebook Posts
MilBlog Tweets
MilBlog Podcasts
Milblo You Tube channels
News Channels
Top 100 MilBlogs
MilBlog Roll
Links to donate
Links for you to add your favorite


1) Go to the android market:

2) Simplest way to find the app on the android website is do a search in the top right corner for “Milblog” and the MilblogHQ app will come up.

3) Download the app

1) Go to iTunes
2)Click on the App store
3)Do a search for "Military Blog" and Milblog HQ will be at the bottom

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Want your Milblog added to the MilBlogHQ app?

Submit the below information in an email to us and you’re in free! That simple!!

Milblog internet address

Milblog RSS feed

Your Milblog Facebook RSS feed (Don’t know it? Check here:

Twitter username (@xyzabc)

Have a podcast? Include the RSS feed as well!

Have a You Tube channel? Send us the link